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The best and worst comments of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Glamour's Depression Survival Tips From Grandma: "How to live like my Abuela:
-Buy lots of strange DVDs
-Teach self French
-Yell at daughters
-Convince granddaughters to take you shopping
-Take Metamucil
-Do strange walking exercises around the house "to move the pancreas"
-Complain about the Democrats"
We say: You forgot 12pm-3pm: Watch your "stories." • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to Oscar Fashion: The Good: "Sorry to be the party pooper but who the hell made Sadie a fashion expert? I've disagreed with her on her judgments since the beginning but recently her choices are ridiculous. The belt on Miley Cyrus's dress makes it a bad? You realize you are like the only person to think that, right? The sheer beauty & appropriateness of her gown is what all the other fashion critics saw. I Love Meryl Streep, but that dress = NO. The fit was off & it just looked messy. Not elegant or pretty at all. So let me get this straight? Melissa George's dress is an outdated Barbie fantasy (I wholeheartedly agree there) but Sarah Jessica's Parker's is not??? All she needs is a freakin crown for her to be Barbie the Good Witch." We say: It's fine to disagree — what's stylish is often a matter of opinion — but do you have to do it with such vitriol?


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