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Today's Besties have musical influences:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to The Creepiest Craft Ever Crafted:
"Sing a song of suspense,
Pregnancy gone awry.
Bella's fetal gosling,
Is sucking mom's life dry.


Then her womb was opened,
By Edward's gnashing fangs.
Making her a horny MILF
For all night session bangs."
We say: Nothing. That ditty has knocked us (un)dead. • The Other Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Michelle At Fashion Week; More Katie For Miu Miu: "Potential names for Fifty's products:
In Da Club scrub
Magic Stick deodorant
God Gave Me Style styling gel
Just A Little bit acne spot treatment
Build You Up volumizing shampoo
and I can't take credit for this one: P.I.M.P(L.E.) cream" We say: You forgot Window Shopper Foot Scrub.


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Congrats hello.kitty and deltabelle! Those were very clever and original, but that felt womb was really disturbingly weird.