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Today's Bestie is turning us into a hobosexual.

In reference to, Darling Clementine: "Hobo Convention? This year, at HoboFest '09!
The Mortgage Crisis: Their Foreclosure or Your New Crack House?
Fanny Packs - the New Bundle (Without a) Stick
Rat Stew - Not Just for Holidays!"

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Speaking of Rat Stew, true story:

I had an uncle who had Down's Syndrome and lived with my grandparents for his entire life. He was highly functional, but couldn't read or write. One evening, I was over at their house while he was writing out his Valentines for other developmentally disabled adults at the center he attended during the day (his dad-my grandpa- had to write his name out in large letters for him to copy). Stewart did NOT want to fill out his Valentines; he wanted to watch Batman cartoons, but my grandpa insisted, and so Stewie sat there seething and angrily copying the letters my grandpa wrote out. All of a sudden, I hear my grandpa say "DAMN IT! YOUR NAME ISN'T STEW RAT!" and I turned and there's Uncle Stewart, smiling like he just got away with something, getting up, and walking to the living room to watch Batman cartoons. And my grandpa, shaking his head over a pile of Valentines lovingly signed "STEW RAT".