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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Random Acts Of Cuteness: "Baaaaah I say. It's just a passing fad. It woold never catch on." You Say: "Bsh, fleeze. shearly you cant be shearious?" Worst, in response to Spotted On The Street: Fashion Whores: "Feed the skinny one a cheeseburger and the ugly one - feed to a cow. Thank you." We say: no, thank you. Some days it's really hard to find a worstie, but you made our jobs so easy!


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Yay BrutallyHonestBabes and pantsless economist!

As far as the worstie goes, as soon as I saw that crazypants manifesto in the Crappy Hour thread, I figured that would be it. It takes a special kind of comment to trump that level of cuckoo bananas.