Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to IVF Patients To Other Infertile Females: Keep Your Paws Off Our Embryos: "Personally, I think they should put all the extra embryos in a big tank and let them battle it out Sea-Monkey style. Whichever one is left after devouring all the weaker ones will clearly be the chosen one, at which point we can implant in a virgin and then just hang out and wait for the end of days. Problem solved." We say: that's what the Bible says, right? • Worst, in response to Arianna Huffington: Blogging Is Like STDs, But More Fun: "Somedays Jez and HufPo are Indistinguishable from each other. I like reading both, I just don't like feeling as though I can read one or the other and get all the same stories. Can we have some variety please?" We say: ah yes, we remember fondly that day Arianna wrote about ball hair, just like we did. Oh wait…

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