Best Comment of the Day, in response to 3 Ways Women's Fitness Magazines Destroy The Soul: "Cut two holes. One is for shoving in leafy greens. The other is for sex, but only because it's good for you. Okay, that covers my nostrils. What about my other orifices?" We say: the rest of your orifices (ears included) are for pooping, since you're eating all those leafy greens. But that's only when you're at your fittest! • Worst, in response to Fashions At The American Music Awards Were Seriously Baffling: "Jordin, do yourself a big favor - don't wear anything that short and full again. You may not be skinny, but you aren't fat either. Embrace your curves! It looks like you are trying to hide what you consider your flaws with that dress, and you're not fooling anyone. The best accessory is self-confidence! Just look at Miley Cyrus - it's not like she avoids smiling just because she has teeth like a donkey! Instead of being ashamed of it, she has made it her trademark." We say: it's not like you avoid commenting because you have an assy personality! Instead of being ashamed of it, you should make it your trademark.