Reader Roundup

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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Saucy!: "7 out of 10 males claim their pork loins have been covered in Jezebel sauce, while the same ratio of females admit to faking the sauce ." We say: but they never forget that Jezebel sauce tastes like burning! • Worst, in response to Twilight At Midnight Smells Like Teen Spirit: "Oh! I almost forgot to mention...Some overweight 40 something woman by herself was sitting behind me in the theatre and she started crying during the hospital scene!!! She didn't stop sniffling throughout the rest of the movie. Funny stuff." We say: Yes, reacting with emotion is very, very lame. Much less cool than making fun of strangers, like real winners do.

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Oh! My God! I Miss You" />


Awww, thanks guys! May you never have to fake the Jezebel sauce again!