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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Cosmo Takes The Fun Out Of Cuddling: "What are you going to ruin next Cosmo? Puppies? Sunshine? Fisting?" We say: Cosmo only advocates fisting if you wear a scrunchie on your wrist to spice things up. • Worst, in response to Study: Overweight Women More Likely To Be Criminals: "Whatever, I don't feel like FAT people should be accommodated…there's a reason why you don't feel comfortable in your skin.. If the doorway of your house was too small would you buy a new house with a bigger doorway? Toughen up and lose some goddamn weight." We say: time for you to toughen up, 'cause you just lost your commenting privileges.

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WOOHOO, Annbran! Very good for you.

That worstie was just mean-spirited. We don't need that kind of stuff here.