Reader Roundup

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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Vavelta: "You'll just feel a little prick..." We say: that's what she said. • Worst, in response to Helen Mirren On Rape Is A Royal Ignoramus: "I've learned to be careful of women too. I don't think they're any more devious than men. I just think they're likely to target me for different reasons. A guy will lash out if I seem too tough. A woman will lash out if I make her feel fat. I can see the guy coming, but it's tougher to know who has hidden insecurities." We say: we're actually only making you worstie because you make us feel fat. We're insecure anyone with a vagina. It's just science!

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Oh! My God! I Miss You" />


Does this vagina make me look fat? I'm thinking of having Dr. Rey re-sculpt it for me.