Best Comment of the Day, in response to Kristi Burton Is Not Exactly Beloved By The Anti-Abortion Movement: "Next up: Ovulation Reform. No unfertilized, sloughed eggs allowed in the commode. They hold the potential of life and to join the conservative ranks. Please use these handy reusable cups - papier-mâché fashioned from stockpiles of hanging chads, waterproofed with the very same grease used to conform Ronald Reagan's hair - to catch and save your monthly human potential. Please overnight to Kristi Burton, who will store them in a frozen chamber powered by her very own icy heart against womanity." We say: Woo hoo! A bloody revolution! • Worst, in response to Jessica To Cash: Don't Even Think About Another Kid: "I saw another picture earlier of the Alba-Warren family during this same walk where they are all smiling and look happy. Why is it that the non-smiling Alba pics are the ones people run with? And why is she judged so harshly for that second in time that she doesn't have a grin plastered on her face?" We say: Judged harshly? It's a "Snap Judgment".