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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Hasselbeck To Hannity: The Media Is Both "Liberal" And "Sexist": "Overuse of the word 'sexism' is really dulling it's meaning. It's like the word 'fuck' in Scarface." We say: however, the meaning of Michelle Pfeiffer's fierce haircut in Scarface will never, ever be dulled. • Worst, in response to Sandra Schultz Newman: "Obama is a guy that pals around with avowed Jew haters (Edward Said, Rashid Kalidi, Jesse Jackson) - I'm not sure what makes the judge wrong. He already promised to cut support to Israel. Barack may not hate Jews but he sure as shit doesn't like them. Don't fool your liberal minds into thinking otherwise." You Say: Sorry, did I miss that press conference when Jesse Jackson took a vow of hatred of all Jews? It's Rashid Khalidi. Edward Said has been dead for 5 years and I don't believe he ever once said he hated the Jews. Furthermore, just because people have different ideas about how to handle the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, does not mean that they hate Jews.

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Jessi Ramsey

I love morninggloria's upside down avatar because every time I see it, I feel like I'm tripping for some reason.

I enjoy it immensely.