Best Comment of the Day, in response to Colin Farrell Can't Believe His Feet: "Are my feet smaller than hers? No, that can't be. Look at mine! They're big, right? I mean, maybe not huge, but definitely above average. Okay. Fine. They're average, but who cares? They get the job done, right? RIGHT?" We say: it's not the size of the boat shoes, it's the motion on Mermaid Avenue…or something. • Worst, in response to Sarah Palin Encourages You To Kill Alaskan Wildlife, As Long As You're Not Native American: "She looks Native American. Is anyone certain that she isn't at least part NA? If so, it would totally be in keeping with her personality as a self-loathing sadist who is against everyone she perceives as weak & like herself." We say: not only is that racist it also makes no sense. Congrats on your double whammy of inanity!

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