Best Comment of the Day, in response to Babyshambles: "Oh man, I totally cannot focus today in pre-K. I was up till 7pm dancing at BabyDisco and had one too many CapriSuns. My friends were all, 'Trader, your PullUp's hanging out of your Garanimals and you have Cheeto dust all over your face. Go clean yourself off in the bathroom.' I was like, no man, I'm dancing to the Wiggles and I want to LIVE!" We say: everyone knows Cheetos are the gateway to harder snackfoods. Next thing you know he'll be snorting pixie stix! • Worst, in response to Ryan, Abbie & Ava's Future Flashes Before Their Eyes: "Abbie, it serves you're little whorin' self right to have to pal around with your boyfriend's daughter who looks EXACTLY like her mother. You just can't escape it can you?" You say:: "Yes, how dare people move on and try to be happy after a divorce. WTF?"

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