Best Comment of the Day, in response to America The Beautiful: "I can't even watch the video. I'm afraid it'll be like The Ring, where you watch it and then the phone rings and you're all 'what up' and then the crazy lady comes through the computer and steals your soul or something." We say: dude, those are not soul-stealing eyes. Those are puppy-eating eyes. • Worst, in response to Do We Really Need The Neiman Christmas Catalog: "Who cares? Seriously? The catalog is unique and has some crazy stuff in it for people with infinite cash. I can't believe that people have 'opinions' on this and would go so far as to call it 'grotesque.' If you don't like it or can't afford the things in it, DON'T SHOP AT NM AND DON'T GET THE CATALOG." We say: who cares? Haha, you seem to, considering your use of SHOUTY ALL CAPS.

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