Best Comment of the Day, in response to London's "Pride Of Britain Awards" Were A Bit Of An Embarrassment: "Looks like the line of nanny applicants outside of the Banks house before a mysterious wind blew them all away. After the storm calms down, we will see Victoria Beckham drifting slowly to the ground clutching the handle of an umbrella, dressed impeccably." We say: just a spoon full of Beckham helps the medicine go down, people. • Worst, in response to American Apparel Model Tries To Be Paris Hilton's New BFF: "This post is shitty, period. We're being mean to her... why?" We say: this woman went on a reality show to be Paris Hilton's best friend and then told all of America to Google her. So we followed her explicit, nationally televised instructions. How is that being "mean"? We're following her orders!

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