Best Comment of the Day, in response to Coffee, Tea & Pee: Female Incontinence Can Be A Laughing Matter: "I usually watch The Colbert Report while I run on the treadmill/beat up on the elliptical at the gym. Several times, I have had to stop running because the combination of exercise/truthiness was almost too much." We say: in the Incontinence Olympics, exercise and truthiness are the new coffee and trampolines. • Worst, in response to 16 Sexist Sarah Palin Shirts That'll Probably Piss You Off: "Please. Stop this. You keep promising to. Tell me about the issues. Focus in the real problems this country is having. I'm tired of the sexism bemoaning. I'm tired of it. It's boring me. It's patronizing to women. It's hurting Obama's chances of winning. Stop it." We say: we had no idea that a proudly left-leaning site has enough power to make Obama lose! Quick, call the Huffington Post! Maybe Arianna will be able to figure out how pointing out sexism is "patronizing to women," because we sure as hell can't.

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