Best Comment of the Day, in response to High School Revisited: "I said, Brrrrr! It's old in here! There must be some mothers in the atmosphere!!" We say: your comment was cool as Ice Ice Ice! • Worst, in response to Some Designers Still Don't Feel Like Using Black Models: "What's racist about it? They pick girls who fit a highly specific image of what they want coming down the runway. If pale skin fits the designer's 'artistic vision', who can complain about it any more than the 50,000 other physical specifications a woman has to fit to be a fashion model." We say: um, did you even read the post? Here's the part that answers your query, "What's racist about it?": "It's incredible that people really don't get it. Having only white models on New York Fashion Week runways sends a dangerous message: That there is only one high-fashion 'look' and it is to have pale skin." Don't ever say we're afraid to be servicey!

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