Best Comment of the Day, in response to Sarah Palin: Do You Think You Can Stomach Four More Years Of "Nucular"?: "If she says she has foreign policy experience because you can see Russia from Alaska, then I'm putting 'astronaut' on my resume." We say: one time we saw an appendectomy on Discovery Health. You can call us Dr. Jezebel now. • Worst, in response to Annals of Anorexia: "It is possible for men to be healthy and fit just like it is for women. Some might go to extremes, but many are quite healthy and have exemplary lifestyles. It's so hard to have sympathy for men who feel bad when they see another man with a six-pack. How often does that happen? 1% of the frequency we are bombarded with obscenely attractive females? Boo-hoo, being a man is so hard. *sob*" We say: there's this thing…it's called empathy. Maybe you should look into it?

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