Best Comment of the Day, in response to Loose Lips: "Oh Jordin, don't you know that boys only like virgins so they can trick them into falling in love and having sex. Then their cokehead stepsisters end up getting them killed while their running to your house to try to make it up to you? Didn't Cruel Intentions teach us anything people?!" We say: it certainly taught us not to wear lavender capri pants in public. • Worst, in response to Fashion Week Style: It's All Good At The Chanel Party: "For the love of god, PLEASE STOP USING THE WORD 'FROCK!' it makes me want to throw up every time you use it. I understand that "dress" is boring to use as a writer. It might not seem as exciting as the dreaded F-word but at least it gets the point across without looking like you're digging for synonyms." We say: What the frock is your frocking problem with the word frock, motherfrocker?

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