Best Comment of the Day, in response to Brody Jenner Is Just Begging For A Roundhouse Kick: "Coming soon to a theatre near you: Kung Fu Asshole!…And the third in the trilogy: Kung Fu Asshole: The Enema Strikes Back." We say: he'll be performing alongside his trusty sidekick, Spencer Pratt the Karate Douche. • Worst, in response to Warring Couples Fight Mostly About Money On "Side Taker" Website: "Okay at the risk of being an asshole, I am having a bit of this issue with my boyfriend right now about the fat thing. He has gained some weight since starting his job about a year ago and it looks really bad. Not a huge amount, but to be honest, I was never that attracted to him to begin with. I could deal with it if he made any effort, like exercising ever, but he doesn't and I just honestly don't find him attractive anymore and I'm tired of feeling bad about it. Is it my fault for being superficial because I really can't will myself to find someone attractive. So I don't think it justifies cheating, but lately especially, I feel suffocated, especially since he whines and sulks that I don't have sex with him whenever he wants it. I mean, I'm 24 and I accept that beauty fades, but until I'm 35 at least, is it so wrong to want to be able to enjoy someone physically in bed? Also, he whines about feeling fat and all in all its so not attractive." We say: Whoa, lady. Get out of this mess.

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