Best Comment of the Day, in response to Baby-Licking: The Best Thing That Happened At The RNC So Far: "That's the daughter of a bureaucrat for you—using the wasteful and unnecessary middleman of the hand instead of just licking the kid's head directly." We say: next thing you know, she'll be selling the head-licking privileges on eBay. • Worst, in response to Sarah Palin's "Feminism" Is Irrelevant To Her Irresponsible Record: "Sorry, but Gloria Steinem isn't an icon to anyone outside of a college Womyn's Studies program. She continues to marginalize herself with her statements against Governor Palin." You say: "That was rather harsh and unnecessary. Whether or not you like Gloria and/or agree with her, she paved the way to where you are now and she deserves a modicum of your respect."

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