Best Comment of the Day, in response to This Week In Tabloids: Sarah Palin Joins Angelina & Jamie-Lynn As Cover Moms With Probs: "I'm guessing Wendy the Snapple lady will go with Obama. She seems to be a free thinker. The Dunkin Donuts man, though, he could be a wild card and go either way." We say: but Orville Redenbacher? That old dude is a real McCain crony. His popcorn is the snack of the right wing! • Worst, in response to Website Claims To Have 68-Year History On Every Abortion-Having American Woman: "Could you please do your goddamn homework before posting this bullshit? This site is a SPOOF. A sick spoof, but a spoof. If you had done 2 minutes of looking around the site, you would have seen that. Instead you posted it as if it was a real thing, and your poor readers, having made the assumption that you actually check out the links that you post, thought it was for real and went apeshit." We say: Uh, what part of "We're calling bullshit on this one," did you not understand? Maybe you should read the post before you hit "send". Kisses!

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