Best Comment of the Day, in response to Not So Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: "Sex for money isn't fun. Modeling isn't all that glamorous. Next, Jezebel, you'll be telling me that being an international assassin isn't any fun and I'll have no dreams left!" You say: "Don't hate me for telling you this, but ninja health coverage is lousy." • Worst, in response to Wedding Belles: "I love both Ellen and Portia, but I hate it when two lezbians get married and one wears pants and everyone points and shouts...'that one's the man!' Whey can they both look ravishing in slinky things? What I'm saying is, why do they have to look as close as possible to hetero couples?" We say: we didn't realize there is a dress code that lesbian couples have to follow just to make YOU happy on THEIR wedding day.

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