Best Comment of the Day, in response to Games People Play: "Let's just go ahead an revamp all of the old favorites, shall we? "Battleship" is now...You Sunk My Luxury 200-person Yacht! "Sorry" is now...Passive-Aggressive Snarkiness Masked As An Apology for Kids Game. "Life" is now...Surreality: Live Your Life Like a Pseudo-Celeb." "Hungry Hippos" is now...Carbo-Loading, Slightly Overweight Hippos. "Candy Land" is now...Excessive, Guilt-Inducing Calorie Land (created for the 5 year old battling the emotional pain of the pre-teen muffin top). "Chutes and Ladders" is now...Elevators and Escalators (because why walk, when you could ride, bitches). The future looks bright." We say: Maybe it's so bright that we should buy some designer shades when we play Mindless Consumerism: The Mall Madness Edition? • Worst, in response to Golden Boys: Garrett Weber-Gale, Michael Phelps: "Michael Phelps' body is absolutely obscene, but he is the Platonic ideal of the butterface." We say: we expressed our distaste for butterface and insults of its ilk a long time ago. Learn the culture!

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