Best Comment of the Day, in response to Loose Lips: "Richard Simmons is already a congressman in my head. He chairs the Means to Weigh Less committee, and heads the Congressional Fabulous Caucus. He represents Munchkinland's 4th district." We say: your head sounds awesome. Can we vote there? • Worst, in response to Dopes: "Just. Don't. Care. Any thoughts on Sienna Miller's digitally altered muff?" Hortense says: "If you don't care, then don't post. And if you want to talk about Sienna Miller's digitally altered muff, GO TO THE POST THAT MENTIONS SIENNA MILLER'S DIGITALLY ALTERED MUFF. And also, I can't believe I just had to type out 'digitally altered muff' twice. Now it's thrice!"

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