Best Comment of the Day, in response to The Milky Way: "Oh good, a conversation piece for those occasions where my pearl necklace would be too formal." We say: it depends on what kind of "pearl necklace" you're talking about. • Worst, in response to Loose Lips: "Not surprised in the least about Salma Hayek. I called this one the first time I heard the 'e' word. She only wanted the kid. And got a billionaire to cover the expenses for the kid for the rest of her life. And that whole "engaged" thing was just to make her pregnancy seem more socially acceptable. He wasn't just a bucket of sperm to was looooooove. Until enough time went by so that she could dump him and still maintain some credibility." We say: Jesus, woman: did Salma Hayek take a hit out on your dog or something?

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