Best Comment of the Day, in response to WWJJD: "I recognise this! Ruth (Bader Ginsburg) was showing it off to me just last week! She got it done for her 75th birthday, the old firecracker." We say: you should see the tattoo Sandra (Day O'Connor) got last week when we were in Cabo! • Worst, in response to Reese Witherspoon To World: I've Got Jake And You Don't!: "She is the typical American woman. Not ugly, not pretty, not interesting, badly dressed. Actually, she IS ugly. I don't know why all this attention. Seriously. It's proof that Americans have no taste. And what's up with the guy's highlights? Really. And ugly shoes on both of them. They look like a middle aged couple with 4 kids, a dog and a mortgage. Don't waste cyberspace for pictures like this one." We say: seven American women work on this site, and we got taste coming out our yin yangs. What we won't be wasting cyberspace on anymore is you.


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