Best Comment of the Day, in response to Is Gossip Girl The Best Show Ever? It Could Be, If They'd Let It: "So sick of the ads for TV shows doing that 'Oh hai, you caught us in a private moment of lying in a massive pile of interlocking bodies. What? You mean you've never taken ecstasy, played Twister, and then gotten sort of sleepy and dewy with 18 of your closest friends, enemies, and frenemies while somehow all dressed in the same color scheme? How gauche.'" We say: You've never played Twister on E? How utterly pedestrian! • Worst, in response to Despite Doubters, Texas Will Keep Polygamist Children In State Custody: " Hate to be insensitive (or maybe it's time to get new glasses), but... the face looks... male." We say: time to get new glasses.

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