Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to Kate Walsh Has A Habit Of Pulling Hair While Admiring Horticulture: "Looks like she's been reading Cosmo lately and fell in love with the article 'How to conquer the man you want JUST BY TWIRLING YOUR HAIR!'" We say: our hair twirling will conquer the universe. • Worst, in response to Whose Fault Is It That The Ethnic Women In Magazines Are Whitewashed?: "Look I'm white, and i have NO ASS. Ok? My people are from grey rainy England. I can't help it. My friend in high school was trying to be proud of her big round (fabulous) butt and she would always point out that I had no butt at all. Well THANKS." We say: what does this have to do with ethnic ladies in magazines?

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