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Reader Roundup

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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Kate Walsh Has A Habit Of Pulling Hair While Admiring Horticulture: "Looks like she's been reading Cosmo lately and fell in love with the article 'How to conquer the man you want JUST BY TWIRLING YOUR HAIR!'" We say: our hair twirling will conquer the universe. • Worst, in response to Whose Fault Is It That The Ethnic Women In Magazines Are Whitewashed?: "Look I'm white, and i have NO ASS. Ok? My people are from grey rainy England. I can't help it. My friend in high school was trying to be proud of her big round (fabulous) butt and she would always point out that I had no butt at all. Well THANKS." We say: what does this have to do with ethnic ladies in magazines?

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DISCUSSION I do that shit all the time, the snorting and laughing when I think no one else is around. And worse is when they go "What are you laughing at?" and it is like Pot Psychology or something that is totally hilarious but that you really don't want to show them.