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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Madonna: Why Stop At One When You Can Achieve World "Green" Magazine Cover Domination: "Thank you Teen Vogue! The last thing I need is my mascara running when I'm having a baby in the bathroom stall!" We say: and getting those placenta stains out of chiffon is such a hassle. • Worst, in response to Natalie Portman's Boyfriend: Charles Manson Meets Sienna Miller: "He makes great music and is an interesting artist. I'm disappointed that the readers of this site are so shallow..." We say: What part of "Snap Judgment" don't you understand? Also Devendra Banhart blows.

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congrats AW - now can you please get me a GH update?

I was really hoping worstie was about R. Kelly from that other convo, but I'll go with this. Also, not liking an artist someone else like doesn't make me shallow! I work hard to be shallow damn it.