Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to Hey Paulina: "I wish I looked like a giraffe on crack - most of the time I look like an elephant on sedatives." We say: Elephant on Sedatives? Isn't that the new hot band opening for Panic at the Disco? • Worst, in response to The Girl's Guide To Commenting On Jezebel: "Why do I feel like I'm back in the high school locker room, uneasily comparing myself to everyone else? That one over there, her comments don't have cellulite. And her there, her comments are definitely more developed. And I heard HER comments put out on the first date. I live in terror of being singled out in the 'worst comment' feature, but how much worse would it be to be deleted for being boring?!" We say: see, it's not so bad. Like learning to swim! We're throwing you in the deep end.

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