Best Comment of the Day, in response to Pickles: "And then the right pickle said, 'It's not you. I'm just tired. And I think I drank too much. Let me just lie here for a while, and I should be better. Look, Die Hard is on HBO!'" We say: then the pickle on the left went in search of a mouth to enter. • Worst, in response to Old Ladies Havin' Babies: "I'm sorry, I know around here we support women's choices and we aren't supposed to judge, but 57 is way too old to be giving birth. It just seems wrong to me. IVF at, you know, 40, 43, whatever, that's one thing, but 57 is ridiculous. I just hope that this woman stays healthy into a very old age so that her child isn't trying to juggle college and eldercare at the same time. Or paying back student loans and funeral costs." We say: hmm, projecting a little, are we?

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