Best Comment of the Day, in response to Period Dramas, "Now I'm scared some poor girl is gonna get something stuck up her hoojie on my advice. Ask your gyno before doing anything dumb with your cooter. That is all." We say: those tepid, dubbed-over birth control commercials could use a jargon shakeup: "Nuva Ring may not be right for you, so always consult your doctor before doing anything dumb with your cooter." • Worst, in response to Period Dramas: "After two kids even the supers don't work through strenuous bending when it's really coming. So I use two [tampons] on day two. One goes in after the other. Maybe this is for post-birthers, only, but I've never had a problem." We say: the childless whores here at Jezebel are now terrified of potential tsunami-style flows. Yikes!

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