Best Comment of the Day, in response to The Bad Girls Are Just Mean Girls: "Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there's no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value." We say: We hope there's still time to party with the Haitians even while we're hoping for world peace. • Worst, in response to This Week In Tabloids: "That girl can exercise all day if she wants to, but she is still fugly as hell. Her face is wonked up but good - big black caterpillar eyebrows, no eyes to speak of, potato nose, no apparent cheekbones or facial bone structure, big drooly overbite - and this is after she got her Chiclet teeth fixed...she's a dog." We say: uh, what was our new rule about Girl-on-Girl crime? Can it with the Mean Girls shit, mkay?

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Oh! My God! I Miss You." />