Reader Roundup

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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Valentino In Vogue: Models With Ennui Playing Invisible Croquet: "Tyra would be pissed that none of them were smiling with their eyes." We say: because Tyra's smiling eyes can penetrate even the thickest leather purse! • Worst, in response to MagHag: "I hate when a crumb somehow gets lodged in my bra, and hours later you finally go to the bathroom to see what the hell is itching, and its like a cheeto crumb, and you think to yourself 'should I eat it?'" We say: Britney? Is that You? [Image via Oh! My God! I Miss You. ]



badmutha I have smallish ones too, so everything ends up on the floor or in my pants. Not so much anything you'd want to eat.