Reader Roundup

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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Girl Power: "Who are they fooling? They just want her to get a man because he'll have to get with her friends too." We say: we thought the Spices made their position on group sex clear back in 1996: It's 2 become 1, y'all. • Worst, in response to The Real Beasts At Zoos Are Not Always In Cages : "People come first, then animals and if I want to go to a zoo and look at captive animals, it is totally my right. It is NOT the right of the animal to live in the wild." We say: Um, even if you were just trying to start shit, honey, we are still going to sic Knut on your ass. [Image from Oh! My God! I Miss You.]




Yeah: some women say they know immediately when they are pregnant- they just have that feeling. Today, I just KNEW that was going to be the worst comment.