Reader Roundup

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Best Comment of the Day, in response to Why The Fuck Are You Working Today?: "We just hired this girl who texted our boss (who is in her early 60's) this morning to see if she wanted coffee. My boss flipped her wig! It was the first text message she received in her life. She thought the cell phone company was asking her if she wanted coffee." We say: old people are hilarious! • Worst, in response to Ever Get The Feeling Some Working Moms Just Get Off On "Guilt"?: "comments are being screwy for me too. again. I'm really tired of this, Jez." We say: your caches are not self cleaning ovens like your vagina!




@tiramisu: Is your avatar an anteater? That's fantastic. And your mum sounds great too. I don't think my phone has umlauts, but that's ok b/c I can't remember any German words anymore anyway.