Best Comment of the Day, in response to Loose Lips: "What exactly would the plot of this alleged sequel be? Do we go inspirational ('Pretty Woman 2: The Next Generation,' in which the still beautiful Vivian Ward Lewis, happily married for almost 20 years and queen of San Francisco's charity circuit, saves Stuckey's wayward daughter from a life on the streets)? Or do we concede that 1990 was a kinder, gentler time and go for realism ('Pretty Woman 2: Oops, No Prenup,' in which, well, you know)?" We say: how about we go for option 3, Surrealism, in which Vivian Ward Lewis awakens one morning to find that she is a giant cockroach? • Worst, in response to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: We Think We Know Who Kim's "Big Papa" Is: "God, I want to punch that beeyotch!" We say: aw, now that's not very nice. And besides, if you punched her, you'd probably cut your hand on some Swarovski-crystals.

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