Reader Email Haiku: 'You Make a Bad Name For Women'

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The Jezebel inbox receives all sorts of interesting messages, from helpful tips to furious gibberish. Often, the missives strike us as poetic - in the chaos of the mailbag we may find a sense of peace. As such, we have taken it upon ourselves to let some messages grow into the poetry they are meant to be. And we will do so by presenting them as pseudo-haiku. In this edition, a reader shares his unsolicited opinion in response to our general existence.

To all of your staff
Please stop being so fucking
moronic with your
dense articles, they are writ
ten terribly. I

can't help to think you all are
a bunch of pathe
tic, fat, and ugly girls.

Please either get a
fucking life, or drop dead. No
one cares what a bunch
of pathetic, fat, ugly,
and unappreci
ative girls have to complain


Anything you fem
inist bitches try to talk
about is so brain
less. You make a bad name for
women. Fuck off. Thanks.

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