Read a Preview of Matt Rothschild's "Dumbfounded"

Ever had trouble taming your Jewfro? So has Matthew Rothschild. And he can tell you it's even harder to do when you're the only Jew at Briar Patch Elementary on the Upper East Side.

Dumbfounded, a one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other memoir set in the old-moneyed Manhattan of the 1980s (think Gossip Girl with big hair), follows young Matt as he wends his way through the "oil paintings in suits" and girls named Colby who populate his universe—armed only with a set of larger-than-life grandparents and a boatload of difficult questions.


"A family dysfunction story at its best." - The Washington Post

"Funny and defiant." - The Los Angeles Times

Read the first chapter by clicking through below!

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