Two elderly sisters in Los Angeles' ritzy Pacific Palisades neighborhood have taken the creepy old woman stereotype up a notch: rat-hoarding. That's right; seems when they became too old to take in larger animals, animal-lovers Marjorie and Margaret Barthel began feeding wild rats - which, experts speculate, has fueled the area's recent and mysterious rat boom. The infestation became apparent when a young couple moved in next door, and although the sisters have allowed exterminators to come through ("they hauled several large garbage bags heavy with dead rats from the bedrooms, kitchen, attic, basement and guesthouse"), their (apparently excellent) insurance policy requires that State Farm pay for the upcoming court battle. "Since 1958, we've had rats," said one of the women. "I've lived with rats since 1958, honey…. When I got the house in [1958], that's the day I started feeding all the animals. And I fed them as long as I lived there." [Mental Floss]