Rashida Jones Wants John Travolta to Come Out of the Goddamn Closet Already

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Rashida Jones is sick and tired of all the masseurs and all the naked touchings and all the ballyhoo, goddamnit. It's about time for a major movie star to come out of the closet—for the children, you know! The children need you, Hollywood gays!—and it might as well be John Travolta. Allegedly. You know, if he wants. ALLEGEDLY. In an interview, Jones discussed the current state of gayness with friend Will McCormack:

McCormack: There needs to be, like, a professional athlete that comes out.

Jones: And a movie star! It's time.

McCormack: Yeah, like a big one.

Jones: A movie star. Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let's do this.


Allegedly and stuff, but SERIOUSLY, THOUGH. [SpinningPlatters]

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Lady Gaga is on the outs with PETA after appearing in a hot pink fur coat and hat (it's so stinking hot here I can hardly even type those words). Apparently Gaga forgot that she used to be stridently anti-fur, so PETA reminded her about it as only PETA can—by making basic sense and then barreling slightly overboard:

Many of your gay fans, I among them, have long admired what you told Ellen: 'I hate fur, and I don't wear fur,'...I included a link because these recent photos of you in fox and rabbit and with a wolf carcass make it appear that you have amnesia. I'm also including this brief video hosted by Tim Gunn showing the violent cruelty that you promote when you wear fur...What happened? Are your stylists telling you that it's fake, or are you a turncoat?...Many gays are animal advocates because we recognize that the same arrogance and indifference that some have toward animal suffering has at times been directed toward us personally because of our orientation.

'KAY, PETA. [Radar]

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Human ipecac Mel Gibson doesn't understand why everybody's so mad at him and it's NOT FAIR because he didn't even do nothin', you guys!!!

They [Hollywood] have to forget. I don't even think they're vindictive. I don't think they think there's reason to forgive...And forgive what to begin with? What are they asking for? It's almost like can you please forgive me for what? What did I do, really? It is kind of ridiculous...So it's kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what needs to be forgiven and I don't consider that anything does because I didn't hurt anyone. But you know, hey that's life. It ain't easy and it's not fair. You've just got to slip the old water off the back and move on.


Confidential to Mel: Try reading up on yourself before you do any more interviews about how not-horrible you are. [Radar]


Did you know that Justin Theroux is related to Paul Theroux and Louis Theroux and a whole bunch of other famous Therouxes of whom I was not previously aware but am now?

His family tree is lousy with writer-types. His uncle is Paul Theroux, the novelist, travel writer, and New Yorker contributor. Paul's sons - Justin's cousins - are the British documentarian Louis Theroux and novelist Marcel Theroux. Uncles Peter and Alexander are a translator and a poet, respectively. His father, corporate lawyer Eugene Theroux, evidently didn't get the literary bug, but Justin's mother, Phyllis Theroux, is an essayist with bylines in the New York Times and Washington Post, including this one about the time young Justin took two girls to the eighth-grade dance.


I like this. I find Justin Theroux to be terrifically likeable. [TheCut]

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EisenBolan, SJW

Let me get this straight. Lady Gaga will wear a meat dress but not fur. Ok so contents of animals that are draped on your body that cannot be eaten since the raw meat rots when exposed is ok. Plus who would eat meat after a person wears it as a dress. So end of night meat dress is in garbage since its now rotten.

A fur coat/hat/whatever that can last decades is bad.

Some kind person explain this?