Rapist Who Fled Country To Ski Bemoans His Tortured Existence

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You know, sometimes, we get a little up in arms about some entitled jerkwad who needs to grow up and then we read the papers and realize that there are actually some really, really awful men in the world who we also need to screw with. World, meet Alex Kelly, who is tired of his 15 minutes. Don't know who he is after all? Let us assist in that, after the jump.


Alex Kelly is a rapist. A spoiled, rich, entitled SOB who probably could have gotten whatever sex he wanted from his girlfriend at the time but apparently preferred to get his rocks off by forcing other girls. Oh, and because once wasn't enough, he did it twice in 4 days.

And then, just before his trial started, he fled to Europe and stayed there living on his parents' dime for 8 years, skiing and having a grand old time, because there's nothing like a little vacation to take your mind off the fact that you raped 2 teenage girls and are facing charges back home. But he finally did decide to make it back to Connecticut for the trial, got convicted of the first charge and eventually pled to the second and thankfully went to jail for a good long time.

But, now he's due to be released, and the courts are a little upset that he hasn't yet paid his $10,000 fine. Despite coming from the kind of money that can finance 8 years on the lam in Europe, his parents supposedly aren't helping him with that little pesky fine thing and he's only making $1.75 an hour and he's tired of his 15 minutes because, like, who would hire him now.

But, reading that made me want to scream because I don't feel sorry for him that the shitty things he did got publicized and written about or that he might not be able to use the degree he earned in prison after he was convicted of raping 2 girls because fleeing to avoid prosecution gave him 15 minutes of "fame" he might otherwise not have had. So, asshole, here's about 20 more seconds of publicity and I hope it means you have to work at a demeaning, menial job because someone else saw your rotten fucking face on this blog.

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@rsr26: But they're not paying his $10,000 fine. Isn't that enough through which to put their poor rapist son?

Crazy women always expecting more from people. [/bitter sarcasm]