Rapey Cop Given 75-Year Sentence

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Michael Pena, the former New York City cop who allegedly raped a woman at gunpoint in an alleyway last summer, has been convicted of three counts of predatory sexual assault. Each count carries with it a mandatory 25-year prison sentence, so the 28-year-old cop will be at least 103 before he's even up for parole.


Even though the evidence against Pena was overwhelming and he basically admitted to being drunk and assaulting the woman, in March, a jury failed to convict Pena of rape. Apparently, juries think that some cop failsafe prevents them from being capable of raping people?

But although a lack of rape conviction for Pena is disheartening, the "predatory sexual assault" conviction isn't a bad thing; according to The Atlantic's Jen Doll. "Predatory sexual assault," a Class A felony, actually carries a harsher sentence than rape, a Class B felony.


Pena's victim, a 24-year-old teacher told the judge before the sentencing, "This has impacted every single aspect of my life, on every single day of my life. It affects every single thing. He used his weapon, and basically destructed my life with the choices he made that day. That's it. Thank you."

[Atlantic Wire]

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Well, glad he's likely dying in prison now. That trial was so infuriating, with the defense pulling more than just the usual cheap shots and low blows.

Fuck his defense attorneys, how do these people sleep at night after working all day to get a monstrous rapist off the hook?

Sometimes I think that rape/sexual assault are such horrific crimes and women are so badly protected from them, that a new consent scheme is in order.

I'm thinking of something along the lines of this: when a guy has sex with a woman it is automatically considered rape. If the woman agrees it was consensual and she had a good time, she does nothing. If she feels she was raped, she just calls the cops and she only needs to present evidence of sex having occurred, and down he goes.

I know this violates the "innocent until proven guilty"-rule I think we can put actual benefits to actual people before high and mighty principles in this case.