Rant On Twitter Costs Courtney Love $430K

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Courtney Love's antics on Twitter landed her in a heap of trouble. After a dispute about payment for clothing, Court went on a Twitter rant in 2009, writing terrible things about a fashion designer called the Boudoir Queen — real name Dawn Simorangkir — calling her an "asswipe nasty lying hosebag thief," among other things. Simorangkir sued for defamation. Ms. Love countered that her Tweets were merely opinions. Simorangkir argued that Ms. Love has influence as an entertainer and that power of social media to spreads damaging comments. The parties have now settled out of court; Ms. Love will have to pay the Boudoir Queen $430,000. This report notes that if the case had gone to court, it would have been "the first high-profile courtroom showdown over what constitutes defamation on Twitter." [Hollywood Reporter]

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Lady Gaga met with "Lady Maria" of Winnipeg, whose video of a heartfelt cover of "Born This Way" went viral. Gaga wore a Maria T-shirt; Maria wore a Gaga T-shirt. Gaga says, "She signed my t-shirt, she ate my heart." [Facebook]

If you want to buy something for Mariah Carey's Pink and Blue baby shower — being held this Sunday in Beverly Hills — you can choose from a $2,000 custom-made bedding set for a crib, a $350 custom-made car seat cover and a $1,200 giraffe. There is nothing Hello Kitty-related on the list. Check out the invitation to the event at the link. [Too Fab]

  • Wha?? Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin kissed at the Oscars and it was omitted from the broadcast? But… Think of the sexy gifs! Sob. [Hollywood Reporter]
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  • George Michael, Nicole Scherzinger, Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul are on Simon Cowell's list of possible X Factor judges. [Access Hollywood]
  • But! Jessica Simpson is being called the "frontrunner" to judge X Factor. [CNN]
  • Will Rihanna duet with her BFF Katy Perry? "We are talking about it right now but it's hard because we are both so busy. It will be something fun. Something out of the box." Heh. [Digital Spy]
  • Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon are in a feud. Over ice cream. [ABC News]
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  • Oooh, will Colin Firth be knighted?! [Wonder Wall]
  • "She's made me cry like, twice, and she's looked good doing it. And she's made sense so, you know, I'm proud of her." —Diddy, on Jennifer Lopez judging American Idol. [Digital Spy]
  • Jennifer Lopez's new track: "Incredibly Auto-Tuned." [Vulture]
  • "I'm not a leather-dress, bondage-pumps type of person. All those straps and zippers look horrible on me. Am I going to kill someone with that shoe? I like things that are pretty. I like dressing up." — Zooey Deschanel, who also says she find the word "quirky" very "annoying": "[It's] like a nice way of saying weird." [Lucky Magazine via Pop Eater]



1. All I know is that if the legendary MiMi and Nicholas have their star-spangled twins on my birthday (March 16th), my year will be made.

2. I have to say, the Queen out-Disneyfies everyone in that campaign. If they ever decided to do a live-action version of The Little Mermaid (which I'd pay the full NYC movie ticket price for), she'd be a perfect Ursula.

3. If they pair MiMi with George for this X-Factor, consider you all invited to my season-long viewing party (Amaretto Sours and calamari fries, included).

4. However, Rihanna and Katy Perry are not invited to team up to inflict the horror of their non-singing voices on my eardrums. Neither is JLo, on account of inflicting that Wet-n-Wild-lipstick-flavored fuckery onto the public.