Random Acts Of Kindness

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Aw, Alicia Keys. She went to Africa! To help the behbehs with AIDS! Also, she made a film about the experience, which you can check out here. [Alicia in Africa via AdRants]



I think what she is doing is AMAZING (along with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and I think Jay-Z donated a bunch of money to help build a water system in Africa). But does anyone else feel a tad bit uncomfortable when celebrities go over to "third world nations' with cameras and then the cameras show footage of poor African's singing the celebrities' songs and chanting their names?

I mean, I know if I were to be in their shoes I would feel TERRIBLY uncomfortable if folks would be treating me like that. The issues in Africa (and many other nations) are so much bigger than the celebrity.

I'm sorry, I just have serious issues with "westerners" and otherness. I know the work is incredibly important, but all the hoopla just kills the sacredness of the cause/vision for me.

Kudos to humanitarians nonetheless!