Ralph Lauren Marks D-Day With Lobster, Cologne

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  • All-American fashion designer Ralph Lauren celebrated the anniversary of D-Day this week in a manner that was pretty tasteful, in the way that those mango-sized logos are tasteful...
  • ...which is to say, ahem, "utterly gauche actually", because we studied French literary theory and are total snobs about things like commemorating the commencement of a battle in which 60,000 or so (strapping!) young men died liberating Europe from the Nazis by launching a new fragrance. Stay classy, Ralph! [Page Six]
  • Paula Abdul has a fragrance coming out for (her words!) "a sophisticated type of woman." She has been wearing the still-unnamed fragrance to promote it. And by "wearing" we mean carrying around a bottle containing a strong-smelling liquid she claims is her "sophisticated" new fragrance. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Valentino speaks! The man's first public statement since the purchase of his eponymous fashion house put the retirement rumors to rest: "I'm not thinking of retirement. In the future, we'll see. I love my work too much. There's still a lot to do." [WWD, 1st item]
  • The Washington Post's fashion critic, Robin Givhan, interviews Bitten shoppers: "I wasn't expecting Armani cuts at these prices." [Washington Post]
  • Now you can smell like $800 shoes, too! Jimmy Choo has just inked a fragrance deal and their debut women's scent will be out in spring 2009. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Ah, the phrase "concept store": It warms our hearts (and makes us scratch our heads)! We're still not entirely sure what it means, but apparently there's a new one on the global fashion block, Cara & Co of Moscow. [Vogue UK]

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Back in my fondly remembered days of working retail, I shilled Ralph's bedding and home items. Customers were constantly coming into the RL and Polo Sport sections complaining about how tiny the logos were. People of suburbia, rejoice! Your logos are finally (brilliant!) mango-sized.