Rainn Wilson called some of his fellow female nerds "wildebeests" (twice) and made fun of his former "feminism" on The Tonight Show last night. He came across as a real jerk, as evidenced by Conan's reaction.

Now, to be fair to Rainn Wilson, I don't think Rainn Wilson hates women or wants to discourage young girls from enjoying nerd arts such as the model U.N. I think Rainn Wilson needed a story to tell on Conan and he went with one that he thought was self-deprecating and didn't realize his punchline was just plain not nice. Rainn Wilson is a TV and movie star now, but deep inside he probably still feels like a nerdy teenager. So his nerdy teenager brain told him that it was okay for him to call those girls wildebeests, because it's coming from him, Rainn Wilson, the harmless, ignored outcast, not from some handsome evil bully. If a handsome evil bully said it, it would be bad, but it was just little old Rainn Wilson! He can't hurt a fly. That's probably what was going through his head on a subconscious level when he said that mean thing (twice!) that even Conan O'Brien, who has seen many jerks, seemed to find jerky. So let's just say Rainn Wilson is on notice for now, but let's also say that, based on this clip alone, the guy seems to display some social blind spots that would make him not that fun to be friends with. But his real crime here is, of course, at least in this very particular case: not being funny. And, incidentally, Rainn Wilson's website about spirituality and art, Soul Pancake, isn't exactly a laugh riot, either. (Sample post by a female blogger there: "Can Feminists Be Feminine?") Seriously.