Rahm Emanuel, George Clooney Team Up To Save The World

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It's hotties for a cause day, with Rahm Emanuel and George Clooney out saving lives and Barack and Michelle Obama's approval ratings in the (sorta) stratosphere.


Just under half of Americans have a positive impression of Michelle Obama, but 5 percent of people inexplicably don't like her. That's either because she is black, or because they are Rush Limbaugh listeners, or both — I'm guessing the latter! Plus, for the record, Rush Limbaugh probably should refrain from commenting on anyone else's weight lest someone mention that he's a huge fat fuck. Oh, wait, I just did. Whoops.

Barack Obama himself has nearly a 70 percent approval rating despite all the Republican carping about the stimulus package, Bill Ayers' concerns about the troop build-up in Afghanistan, John McCain's concerns about the new Presidential helicopter fleet, more of Rick Santelli's wacky right-wing bullshit or the whole car-czar-no-car-czar thing. That, of course, might have a little something to do with Obama's big reveal that Dubya was fudging his budgets, Karl Rove is still making news by ignoring subpoenas or because Republican idiots like South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford think it's cool to suggest that he'll pray for his unemployed constituents rather than take federal stimulus money. At that point, it almost doesn't matter what Obama does, he'll still look pretty good by comparison.

Anyway, in addition to the Don't-Call-Him-The-Car-Czar heading to the Treasury, Obama has apparently selected former Washington Governor Gary Locke to run the Commerce Secretary nomination gauntlet that has already tripped up Bill "Governor Grabbyhands" Richardson and Senator Judd "What Do You Mean I Can't Report to Karl Rove?" Gregg. Locke is apparently unimpeachable, which, given the stellar job the Administration did in vetting Tim Geithner, Bill Richardson, Judd Gregg and Tom Daschle, probably means he hasn't paid taxes since 1998, only hires illegal immigrants and has a dead body in his backyard. The Administration has also made Dennis Ross the Envoy to We're-Not-Going-To-Say-It's-Iran-But-It-Is and has, like, totes promised George Clooney they're going to get one for Darfur, too. They even hired an academic to run their military procurement, which has all the weapons company execs crapping their pants with the knowledge that they might not be able to sell pretend weapons systems with cool sounding names to the government anymore as if there weren't enough other reasons to think that might happen. In the mean time, though, Rahm Emanuel is out there in Washington, saving lives with his potty mouth, which is a comforting thought even to defense contractors.


Erin Gloria Ryan

It is my dream to someday be personally denounced by Rush Limbaugh.

I got a little thrill of excitement just thinking about it.

I wonder if he can even find his penis anymore.