Rag Trade: Tim Gunn, Just Like Us!

  • Project Runway's Tim Gunn used to stutter. Plus, he's single, not totally rich (he still rents!), and blushes like a girl. [NYTimes]
  • CoverGirl goes hippie: Drew Barrymore tapped as $1-2 million face of makeup line, releases obligatory ass-kissing statement. [WWD]
  • Paris Hilton creates own line of clothes, promises to wear them all the time. Hopefully, she's throwing some full-coverage panties into the mix! [WWD]
  • Nancy Reagan (remember her?) wore Chanel to an Oscar de la Renta-featured event. Plus, Toity Tom Ford's boyfriend Richard Buckley didn't bother to wear one of Ford's new menswear designs to the opening of Ford's new menswear boutique. [WWD, 1st, 3rd items]
  • Shoe-designer Christian Louboutin to write a screenplay for a film shooting early next year. (??!!) [FashionWeekDaily]
  • Kimora Lee Simmons will star in an unscripted reality series for The Style Network. (???!!!) [MediaWeek]
  • Bravo to introduce a lineup of Thursday night programs to appeal to "young, rich, acquisitive, educated and influential" young women. In other words: Materialistic, shopaholic twits. [MediaWeek]
  • Awful. Bridesmaid. Dresses. [People]

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